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Hi, I'm Mark!

   I've been in the construction business for over 20 years now.  I started as a laborer in the masonry trade in Newark, Delaware, and began doing carpentry when I moved out here to Searcy.  In 2007 I officially opened my own business here because I wanted to pursue higher quality and professionalism than I had yet encountered with contractors in the area.  Since then, we have satisfied well over a thousand customers and will continue to pursue excellence in every aspect of our work.  

   I am passionate about quality, both on the job site and at home working on my hobbies. In addition to construction work, I have served as the coach for the Harding Lacrosse team on and off since 2002. My beautiful wife Amanda and I live in the country a couple of miles south of town where I brew my own beer, create entertaining board games, continually seek for the perfect recipes, and prevent World War III from erupting between the 7 Bates children.


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